Wednesday, July 18

Bloggers for GOOD

Do you want to raise money for The Girl Effect but don't have any extra cash to give? Well, now you can! GOOD Maker, a website that “gives individuals and organizations the ability to tap into the public's creativity and energy to address an issue that's important to them,” is hosting a contest called Bloggers for GOOD in which bloggers submit entries describing their blogs and how they are using their blogs to promote a social cause. According to the contest's website, no matter what your blog is about, they think “it has the potential to catalyze social impact...Whatever your area of interest may be, we have $1,000 for a cause that your work supports.” I submitted my blog to the contest, and I named The Girl Effect as the recipient of the thousand-dollar reward. Voting opens today and stays open until August 1, 2012. If you like my blog, The Girl Effect, or social impact, please take a moment to vote for my entry here, and make sure to tell all your friends! The only way we can win this money for the Girl Effect is with a lot of votes—competition is pretty tough. So vote today, and spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, or by email! With just a click of the mouse, you can make a difference in the lives
of girls around the world.

UPDATE: It seems as though you CAN in fact vote more than once. I encourage you to check back a couple of times every day for the next week to see how often you can place a vote. Also, the contest guidelines recommend that you use either Firefox or Chrome browsers, but I know several people who have used Safari with no recognizable troubles. Tell your friends—every vote counts and we need your help!

UPDATE: I received an email saying voters can only vote once within the voting period (July 18-August 1).

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